Renewable Options

Renewable Energy Rider

Our Renewable Energy Rider Rate lets you go green by just checking a box.

For an added fee, or adder, of $0.43 for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) purchased ensures that energy billed to you is from a facility that relies exclusively on energy that is naturally generated, such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, biomass, or biomass-based waste products. Members enrolled in the program will pay an additional $0.43 for every 1,000 kWh purchased.

The adder amount is based on the prices of Texas Renewable Energy Credits.

Call us at 888-554-4732, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., to enroll. This rate is applicable to all members except Industrial and Power Plant Start Power.

Learn more about Texas Renewable Energy Credits.

Community Solar Program

The Community Solar Program embraces the cooperative spirit, showcasing our commitment to leverage technologies that benefit our entire membership and offer community solar.

The Community Solar Program is powered by solar sites across the PEC service territory. The program gives members the opportunity to subscribe to a portion of the energy from these facilities (up to 100% of their average 12-month energy use).

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis as units become available. We are unable to guarantee a timeline for processing applications. To submit an application, log in to your account and follow these instructions, or fill out this form.

Community solar application

There are two easy ways to submit your application. You can log in to your account or fill out the online form. View detailed instructions to submit your Community Solar Program application through your account or fill out the online form below.

Residential solar

Visit our distributed generation page for information on residential solar installations.

This program plays an important role in PEC’s energy portfolio. Community solar helps PEC diversify our energy mix. Our ability to pull from diverse and competitive sources allows us to offer affordable rates to all members.

There is no application fee for the Community Solar Program. Enrolling adds an additional line item to your bill. The charge for electricity received through community solar is $0.061080/kWh. If you do not receive 100% of your electricity through the program, the remainder is charged at the regular base power charge rate of $0.058500/kWh.

Because community solar represents a transmission cost savings to the cooperative, members on this rate receive a credit on their bill for power received through the program. The line item will appear as “Solar Transmission Cost Adjustment” (STCA). For all kWh sold to any members enrolled in the Community Solar Program, the STCA will be calculated as follows:

STCA = – (80% X Transmission Cost of Service Pass-Through Charge)

Additionally, the solar generation sites that support this program will provide power during peak times in the summer, helping offset peak demand. Offsetting peak demand can help decrease future transmission costs for all members.

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Throughout the course of a year, production from community solar generation facilities will vary. Major reasons for variable production are:

  • Weather: Sunny days will lead to more production from solar facilities.
  • Season: Shorter days throughout the winter months lead to less production.
  • Time of day: The sun peaks during the middle of the day, usually around noon. When the sun isn’t out, facilities aren’t generating power.
  • Sun angle: When the sun is directly above solar panels, its intensity is greater and therefore leads to more generation.

This program offers members an easy way to make their energy consumption more sustainable by buying from local, renewable resources. For some, it is an appealing alternative to residential solar installations because there is no up-front investment to recoup, no maintenance to keep up with, and no long-term commitment. The scale of community solar also makes it an efficient generator of electricity. PEC’s community solar generation panels are mounted on an axis to track the sun, increasing their efficiency by more than 20%.