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Powering the Future

Powering the Future
The future of the energy industry is always in our sights at PEC. Click through the tabs below to see how we’re planning the future of our service area, laying the groundwork to supply our members’ current and future energy needs and employing the latest monitoring technology to maintain our lines and deliver minimal interruptions and rapid restoration.

PEC installed its first TWACS (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) meters in 1997 to get easier, faster, less expensive meter readings. That same technology allowed PEC to develop enhanced system monitoring and faster, more accurate outage recognition.

As the electric industry becomes more consumer-interactive, PEC offers members the capability to interconnect distributed energy sources and receive credit for any surplus electricity they generate. My Usage, which allows members to track their energy use in kilowatt hours, is another example of how advanced meter reading technology helps put members in control when it comes to their electricity use.

In 2012 the Texas Public Utility Commission released a report on health and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from advanced meters. PEC offers an Advanced Metering Opt-Out Program for members who prefer meters that must be read manually. Please review PEC’s Tariff and Business Rules for Electric Service for more information and fees associated with the program.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative is a distribution and transmission cooperative, which means PEC doesn’t generate power but makes sure it is distributed reliably and affordably to its members.

The Lower Colorado River Authority is PEC’s primary wholesale provider for electricity. The LCRA generates power from a number of sources, including six hydroelectric dams, three gas-fired plants and a coal-fired facility. In 2013, the LCRA estimated that about 60 percent of its power was generated from coal, 33 percent from natural gas, and 7 percent from hydroelectricity and wind energy.

PEC also has an agreement with AEP Energy Partners, which provides electricity produced by South Trent Wind Farm.

Integrated Resource Plan

Pedernales Electric Cooperative is currently developing a long-term integrated resource plan (IRP) and has hired independent consulting firm Burns & McDonnell to analyze current and forecasted energy requirements and develop resource plan options for consideration by PEC's Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Co-op’s IRP will be to describe the portfolio of energy resources that PEC plans to use to meet current and future needs for energy at the lowest reasonable cost to Co-op members.

To learn more, download the Co-op's Resource Planning Policy or visit the IRP web page.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is the state-of-the-art electronic nerve center of PEC. Using SCADA, our experts receive and analyze real-time data streaming from PEC’s 8,100-square-mile service area, and they use that information to monitor the health of equipment at more than 65 substations.

SCADA operators are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they are an essential part of the team that works to restore power to members rapidly when an interruption occurs. SCADA also factors into PEC’s preventive maintenance efforts, detecting minor problems early enough to fix them before they become major problems.

SCADA plays a key role in the maintenance and construction of equipment to ensure substations are running safely and efficiently. Several other departments — including engineering, district operations and member services — also benefit from the information SCADA collects.


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My Usage

The latest energy use reports for your PEC account can help you see if you're using more energy than usual and empower you to make adjustments if necessary.

PUC Report on Advanced Meters

PUC Report on Advanced Meters

A report on health and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from advanced meters published in December 2012 by the Texas Public Utility Commission.