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System Interconnection Connect your power source to the PEC grid

We encourage our members to take advantage of solar panel technology, wind energy turbines and other small power-production equipment.

Net Metering for Interconnection

Interconnected service uses net metering, which routes power through a single meter that measures the PEC-delivered electricity you receive and subtracts the amount of electricity exported by your equipment. This saves you the expense of purchasing an additional meter and allows you to receive a credit for any surplus electricity generated by your equipment. Surplus electricity above what you consume during your billing period is credited to you at PEC’s net energy credit rate, which is the fuel cost, with no capacity component. Our current net energy credit rate is posted at right.

SmartHub Net Meter Analysis graph
Click Net Meter Analysis example to enlarge.

With the introduction of SmartHub, PEC's online account management portal, members with interconnected service can keep track of their net use via My Usage. The Net Meter Analysis graph in My Usage displays delivered, received and net use for interconnected meters.

Before installing your generating equipment, please refer to PEC's interconnection process.

For more information about our interconnection program, call Energy Services at (830) 868-5016 or (830) 868-6073, or send email to interconnection@peci.com.


Interconnection Policy

Download our Interconnection Policy, section 600 in our Tariff and Business Rules for Electric Service.

Interconnection Agreement

Download our Agreement for Interconnection of small generation installations.

Download checklist


Download the checklist used to verify new installations.

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Interconnection Application

Complete your application and upload supporting documents online

Watch video of a solar installation inspection

How to inspect residential solar power

Watch video as a crew from PEC inspects a residential solar power installation.

Net Energy Credit

In accordance with PEC's Tariff and Business Rules for Electric Service, the net energy credit rate for bills rendered on or after Feb. 1, 2017, is:

$0.0465 per kWh