Elections & Voting

At PEC, your voice matters. For more than 80 years, we’ve been owned and governed by members like you. Your vote in our annual board election is your voice in your cooperative, a chance to weigh in on leaders who will represent you and your interests.

In 2019, members will elect PEC Board of Directors in districts 4 and 5. Elected directors serve three-year terms. Members may vote for directors who represent their geographic district.

How is my district determined?

Your director district is determined by the location of your primary account. If you have accounts in different districts, you may request to change your voting district by calling 888-554-4732. Please note that PEC can change your primary account only once every three years.

Your voting district is printed on your bill beneath your monthly use.

If you are unsure which district is assigned to your primary residence, please give us a call.

Meet your district candidates

District 4

  • Kathi Thomas
  • Jim Powers
  • Joe Pool

District 5

  • John A. Watson
  • Kenneth Reneau
  • James Oakley
  • Lisa Ivie Miller