DG Interconnection Rates

Interconnection Metering Less Than Fifty (50) kW

For more information on this rate, please see PEC’s Tariff and Business Rules.

Applicable to Residential and Small Power Service members with a distributed generation system that is less than fifty (50) kW AC of capacity. The member must have an effective agreement for interconnection with the cooperative, according to the Tariff. This tariff may not be combined with time-of-use base power charges or the Community Solar Program.

Metering service

Service will be through a single meter, with two registers measuring the delivered energy from PEC to the member and the received energy from the member to PEC. Members with DG interconnected equipment will avoid full-retail cost of energy from PEC by first using their own generation before the meter. Energy consumed from PEC’s system will be billed at the Flat Base Power Charge.

  • Delivered Energy is the total energy delivered to a member from PEC during the billing cycle.
  • Received Energy is the total surplus energy received by PEC during the billing cycle.

Rate design

This rate is designed to be simple, sustainable, and fair. PEC’s mission is to deliver low-cost, reliable energy to all of our members. Our rates are set as close as possible to actual costs, in keeping with our mission as a nonprofit electric distribution cooperative.

DG interconnected members’ bills will be identical to other Residential, Farm, and Ranch or Small Power members, with the addition of a single line item showing a credit for any power flowing back onto the PEC distribution system. This line item will appear as “Sustainable Power Credit.”

The Sustainable Power Credit has been set at $0.069554 per kWh, as determined by the Value of Solar Study. This rate is designed to pay the DG interconnected member for excess power at its market value, plus the system benefit to PEC from direct avoided costs.

Rate breakdown

Charge Residential Small Power Energy direction
Service Availability Charge $22.50 $37.50 N/A
Delivery Charge per kWh $0.028405 $0.021977 Energy Delivered by PEC
Transmission Cost of Service per kWh $0.015458 $0.015458 Energy Delivered by PEC
Flat Rate Power Cost per kWh $0.058500 $0.058500 Energy Delivered by PEC
Sustainable Power Credit per kWh -$0.069554 -$0.069554 Energy Received by PEC

Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees.