Help out in the heat

Check on vulnerable neighbors during extreme temps

When the heat hits hard, not all homes are equally capable of keeping cool. If you have neighbors who don’t have air conditioning or can’t afford to run it, their risk of heat-related health issues can be serious, especially if they are elderly or ill.

Small things can make a difference when it comes to keeping temperatures down. Help your neighbors by sharing important information and energy-saving tips.

  • Fans can make us feel more comfortable, but when the temperature is too high, they will not prevent heat-related illness. Seek an air-conditioned space if necessary.
  • Close the shades and blinds during the day.
  • Drink plenty of water and take cool showers.
  • Don’t cook hot meals during the day. Prepare a no-bake lunch for a neighbor in need; salads and sandwiches work great.
  • Make sure neighbors have signed up for PEC text alerts by adding their mobile number to their SmartHub account.

A good rule of thumb is to check on people whenever a heat advisory or warning is issued in your area, or when PEC notifies members of “peak heat days” through our social media channels.

If you can, visit your neighbors in person on hot days. If someone appears in need of immediate medical attention, call 911.

If your neighbor requires life-sustaining electrical equipment, ensure they’re signed up for PEC’s Medical Necessity Program. We will attempt advance notice of outages when possible, but members enrolled in the Medical Necessity Program are not guaranteed an uninterrupted supply. Learn more here.

Want another way to be a good neighbor?

The summer months mean it’s time for Power Rush Hour®! Consumer energy rates in Texas are based partly on our use during peak times from June to September, which means you can save yourself and your neighbors money on future bills by shifting your use outside the hours of 2 and 7 p.m. Learn more here.

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