Hop or shuffle away from fallen lines

Take necessary steps to stay safe

Whether due to a crash into a pole or if a line breaks and falls on your car, if you are in the vehicle, you are in immediate danger. When this happens, your vehicle and the ground around you is now energized and can electrocute you.

While the situation is serious, it’s important not to panic. By keeping calm and following the steps below, you and your passengers can stay safe.

Don’t touch your vehicle and the ground at the same time.

  1. Stay in your car if you can. Instruct bystanders to stay at least 50 feet away. Call or ask someone around you to call PEC’s emergency number, 888-883-3379, as well as 911.
  2. If you must leave your vehicle, open your door, but do not step out.
  3. Stand on the edge of your doorframe, then cross your arms and jump free of the vehicle without touching it. Keep your feet together, and land on both feet at the same time.
  4. Hop with both feet together or take small shuffle steps (keeping both feet in contact with the ground at all times) until you are about 50 feet away from the downed line.
    • Do not lift one foot from the ground at a time, take large steps, or crawl. Keep your hands off the ground at all times.
  1. If you feel tingling in your legs, hop or shuffle another 50 feet away. Repeat until the tingling sensation stops.

Find more safety tips here.

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