On National 811 Day, PEC promotes safe digging

Co-op reminds members to call before digging

Pedernales Electric Cooperative is spreading awareness about the importance of safe digging practices on National 811 Day, Aug. 11. The co-op wants to remind its members that making a simple and free phone call to 811 is required by law and can be lifesaving.

Dialing 811 is necessary before beginning any project where residents or contractors plan to dig 16 inches or deeper — even if it’s in a homeowner’s own yard. The purpose of calling is to help identify underground electrical lines and utilities which could be hazardous if contacted. In addition to electric lines, water, sewage, telecommunication, and oil and gas lines can also be buried underground.

Texas law requires calling 811 at least two business days before projects, including but not limited to — building, fixing a fence, planting, installing a sprinkler system, and all other tasks where digging is needed. After calling 811, a professional will visit the location and mark underground equipment with color-coded flags. The service is free. Members can learn more and submit a request online at texas811.org.

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