Power Rush Hour

It’s not just how much energy we use, but when we use it. Our Power Rush Hour program is all about lowering transmission costs by shifting energy use away from periods of high statewide energy use each day.

In our summer Power Rush Hour months (June through September), these peak times are between 2-6 p.m., and shifting energy use away from these times can help PEC save on transmission costs for the next year — a savings we pass through directly to our members.

Image explaining power rush hour and how it works
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Form Good Habits with Year-round Shifting

Shifting energy use extends beyond the summer months — it’s a year-long behavior and a lifelong state of mind. Get in the habit of shifting now, and make next summer’s Power Rush Hour season a breeze.

In the winter, steer clear of using large appliances between the peak hours of 5-8 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. Learn more below.

What You Can Do

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Transmission Costs

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