Power Rush Hour

Power Rush Hour

Power Rush Hour® takes place during the hottest summer months from June through September. During this four-month period, your transmission costs for next year are determined. Also known as 4CP, it’s the measure of PEC’s total energy demand when our statewide transmission system experiences the most overall demand — the four “peaks” — each summer. Peaks tend to occur on the hottest days of the month (one each in June, July, August, and September), usually between the hours of 2 and 7 p.m. Learn more about peak events.

By working together to use less energy during Power Rush Hour®, you and your fellow members can help reduce your transmission costs the following year.

Shift today, save tomorrow

The power to have a lower bill is in your hands. Let’s work together this summer for even more savings!

What You Can Do

Tips to help you manage your energy use.

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What PEC is Doing

How our initiatives and programs are helping lighten the load.

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What are Transmission Costs

Learn what they are, who determines them and where to find them on your bill.

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Peak Events

What they are, and how to know they’re coming.

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