Service for Individual Residential or Commercial Locations

The information found on this page is designed for those constructing facilities for temporary or permanent service within the PEC service area.

To expedite your request for new service, please be aware of the following requirements before contacting our planning department.

  • A proposed dwelling location must be determined and staked.
  • Survey points for grades, lot corners, and other locations reasonably necessary for the installation of the electric system.
  • Septic and drain fields must be marked (if applicable).
  • Site plan with utilities (approved for construction by the governing entity, as deemed necessary by the district).
  • Civil plans (if applicable).
  • One-line electrical diagram.
  • CAD file (as deemed necessary by the district).
  • PEC’s Electric Service Data form (as deemed necessary by the district).

The cooperative is not and will not be obligated to provide designs or development cost calculations estimates to an applicant until all the above requirements are met.

You also will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name, billing address, email address, and phone number of the applicant
  • Identification (a Social Security number and date of birth or a driver’s license and date of birth)
    • If a business, provide a tax ID number instead of a date of birth and Social Security number or driver’s license.
  • 911 address of new service location. If the location does not yet have an official street address, contact the local county office for information regarding local addressing services prior to contacting PEC.
  • Property information: warranty deed and, if commercial, an approved site plan and property plat.
  • Requested service size in amps (an Electrical Service Data form may be required).
  • Any special load requirements desired.
  1. Complete and submit the application for service to your nearest district planning office.
    • To find your nearest office, refer to our locations map or call us toll-free at 877-372-0391 and follow the prompts to find your district office by listening for your city or area.
  2. A member of PEC’s planning department will review the application and contact the applicant to verify identity and request any additional documents listed in step 1 above. Please be prepared to provide the requested information soon after submitting your online application.
  3. Applying members pay the following fees:
    • $50 Membership Fee: applies to new members only. Refundable when service is disconnected.
    • $50 Establishment Fee: applies to any request for service connection. Non-refundable.
    • $200 System Impact Fee: applies to any request for service connection, and represents a contribution to the cooperative’s substation and distribution costs. Non-refundable.
    • A refundable security deposit may be required. Information about deposits and ways to avoid a deposit or pay a lower deposit is available here.

Payment of Membership Fee, Establishment Fee, System Impact Fee, and deposit (if applicable) are due when the account is established.

Payments may be made:

  • Through our secure pay system by phone at 844-886-9798.
  • Through SmartHub or the SmartHub mobile app.
  • Through PayNow.
  • At a district office with a Secure Pay Station.
  • By mailing a check to P.O. Box 1, Johnson City, TX 78636.

After the account is established, fees are paid, and all applicable documents are submitted, the planning department will reach out to the applicant to set up a meeting.

PEC will meet with the applicant at the service location to discuss electrical requirements.

Cost estimates will not be available to be discussed at the initial meeting. A time frame for next steps will be communicated. Time frames for the planning department to begin and complete designs may vary depending on the district’s workload at the time the project is received. PEC provides one design free of charge, and any subsequent redesigns are subject to redesign fees.

Once the design is complete, PEC will reach out to the applicant to provide the construction cost estimates, utility easements, underground agreements, and installation design prints, as well as discuss right-of-way clearing, civil installations, and an inspection process if applicable.

Easements shall be submitted on the cooperative’s standard form, which will be provided to the applicant.

At this stage, certain materials may be ordered for your development needs, and any additional changes requested may affect the project timeline and material availability.

Once all requirements above have been met, PEC will provide a cost invoice to the applicant.

Payment methods:

  • Through our secure pay system by phone at 844-886-9798.
  • Through SmartHub or the SmartHub mobile app.
  • Through PayNow.
  • Mail check to P.O. Box 1, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Once payment is received, PEC will do a final review and release the project to the construction department.

Time frames are based on design completion, material availability and may fluctuate due to vendor’s material shortages.

The cost calculation may expire or be recalculated at the sole discretion of the cooperative. Any additional cost incurred by the cooperative in excess of the cost calculation will be at the sole expense of the applicant.

If a meter is not connected during the construction process, the applicant will need to inform PEC of when they are ready to be connected. Some areas will require city inspections prior to connection.


Please contact your local office for scheduling questions. Times may vary per district based on workload and material availability. To reach your local planning department, please contact us at 877-372-0391 and follow the prompts to find your district office by listening for your city or area of project.

Yes. Once the planning and design department reviews your project, they will create a design that includes but is not limited to the cost of PEC labor and material. A cost estimate will be sent to you after the design is complete.

To keep costs low for all our members, a new member/developer pays all costs to connect service to the PEC distribution system. All members pay to operate and maintain the entire PEC distribution system through their monthly bills. In addition, as a partial owner of the entire PEC distribution system, if PEC has additional money left over after paying the cost to maintain and operate the distribution system, this revenue is returned to all member-owners through capital credits.

There are many variables to be considered in an electrical design. The cost estimate is provided once the account is set up and a field meeting has taken place.