Think before you plant

Spring into safety and reliability in the garden this year

As spring makes its way to Texas, many of you are beginning to break out the shovels to start planting fresh gardens. But before you start getting those seeds into the dirt, review our tips for planting safely.


Right tree, right place
We want your trees to flourish, and that’s why we want to remind you how important it is to think about where you plant them. Never allow your trees, bushes, or plants of any size to grow directly under electric lines. Before planting, consider the mature size of the selected species; falling trees and branches may cause outages. Refer to this chart to see how far away your tree should be planted from power lines.


Planting around underground equipment
Lineworkers need ample space around underground electrical equipment like pad- mounted transformers to work safely. When planting near these green or gray metal boxes, which are connected to the electrical system, leave a 10-foot clearance in front and a 5-foot clearance around the sides and back.

Planting with these practices in mind will keep you and our crews safe and allow us to get your power back on quickly during an outage. Together, we can grow our reliability!

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Dial 811 before you dig
Most of us only think about the power lines overhead, but they could also be underground on your property. Always call 811 before you dig — it’s the law and could save your life. Learn more at

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