Construction & Development

We take great pride in working with our local communities, providing residential and commercial members with low-cost, reliable and safe electricity. The information found on this page is designed for those constructing facilities for temporary or permanent service within the PEC service area.

If you need to establish service, please contact your nearest district office directly. Contact information for each office may be found on the map below or on our Contact Us page.

Supply chain notice

PEC remains fully committed to pursuing the completion of our work safely, diligently, and in a reasonable timeframe. However, we must recognize that there is a strong likelihood that we will soon encounter unavoidable delays due to the current global supply chain environment. PEC anticipates work may be delayed on certain projects. Potential impacts may include material shortages and significant delays in lead times on material. PEC monitors the utility supply chain and gets updated communications from our cooperative alliance vendors.

PEC is evaluating all options to minimize and mitigate the impact on current and future projects. PEC’s procurement department will keep project representatives informed of these delays and their effect on job timelines. We will minimize the impact of these delays on our work to the best of our ability.

We appreciate your understanding as we work through this unprecedented event.

Meter Socket Requirements

PEC-approved meter sockets are not required to be stamped by the manufacturer with the PEC logo. Contractors and electricians may find information on PEC’s approved meter sockets by contacting one of the cooperative’s district offices.

  • PEC is in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). For your protection, PEC urges you or your electrician to use only NEC-approved procedures and materials.
  • PEC does not inspect temporary meter loops or temporary service construction and assumes no liability for any damages or injuries from their construction. PEC will refuse service where a known hazardous condition exists and/or if connections do not meet the specifications outlined in the following documents.
  • We urge you to use a qualified electrician to prevent safety hazards, additional costs and delays. PEC requires that all construction meets or exceeds these specifications prior to service connection.

If you have any questions, please call our district engineering/planning group at 877-372-0391 and select the district office closest to your construction location.

Construction Specification Revisions Notification

To meet industry standards, PEC will periodically revise specification documents. Stay up-to-date via email with any revisions to the specification documents by signing up below.