Activities and Adventures

Hey campers, it’s your cabin leader, Wattson Raccoon here! We’re glad to have you! New camp activities and Camp Save-a-Watt adventures await you. You’ll also find fun games, projects, worksheets, and jokes below! New content will be available each week.

Welcome to Week 1

This week, we will be learning about electricity and the basics of Camp Save-a-Watt.

Educational Videos

Week 1: Educational Videos

3 Videos


Virtual Activity:

What is electricity?

Explore where electricity comes from with Switched On Kids interactive resources

Then, explore how PEC delivers electricity and complete your own pathway of electricity worksheet


Welcome to Week 2

This week, we will explore circuits and the invention of the light bulb.


Virtual Activity

Explore the various parts of a circuit and how they work together to create different types of energy.

Camp Craft

Create a glow-in-the dark lightbulb using the power of the sun.


Welcome to Week 3

This week, we will explore renewable energy sources.


Virtual Activity:

Watts of Trouble

Use renewable energy sources from the sun, water, and wind to power the rides at the fair.

Camp Craft:

Learn about wind power

Create a wind-powered Wattson rocket.