Circuit Builder

Best suited for third through fifth grade students.

Our Circuit Builder series teaches young learners all about electricity and electrical circuits. Watch the videos and view the resources below to learn about the different types of circuits and how they work!


The Circuit Builder presentation is a great way for teachers or parents to teach their students about the different types of circuits and how they work. Pop quiz questions are included to test your student’s new knowledge!


Download PEC’s Circuit Builder lab worksheet and create your own circuits on paper! Questions help learners analyze lab results on series, parallel, and switch circuits.

Apply for a Circuit Builder kit

Apply to receive a circuit kit for your classroom. PEC provides the basic supplies needed for your students to experience hands-on learning as they build different circuits.


Say Watt? Part 1: Series Circuits

In this introductory video, you’ll learn what a circuit is and be introduced to a specific type of circuit called a series circuit.

Say Watt? Part 2: Parallel Circuits

In part two, you’ll review what you learned in part one, and find out how a parallel circuit is different than a series circuit.

Say Watt? Part 3: Switch Circuit, Conductors, and Insulators

Part three is the last video in our Circuit Builder series! You’ll learn about switch circuits and what materials allow electricity to pass through them easily, and which ones don’t.