Interconnect Wholesale Energy Rate

Interconnection Metering (Greater than 50 kW)

Applicable to members with distributed generation (DG) that is greater than 50 kW AC. The member must have an effective agreement for interconnection with the cooperative, according to Section 600 Interconnection Policy found in the Tariff, and comply with the applicable provisions of Section 600.

For more information on this rate, see Section 500.3.1 of the Tariff and Business Rules.

Metering service

The cooperative may install two meters, owned and operated by the cooperative, for the member. The first meter will record total DG production. The second meter will have two registers, one that records energy delivered (Delivered Energy) to the member and another that records surplus energy returned to the cooperative through DG system overproduction (Received Energy). The cooperative will have access to all of the member’s meter data for billing purposes.

  • Delivered Energy is the total energy delivered to a member from PEC during the billing cycle (member is billed based on Delivered Energy).
  • Received Energy is the total surplus energy received by PEC during the billing cycle from the DG system overproduction (member is given a credit based on Received Energy).

Rate breakdown

Charge Rate
Service Availability Charge per month $150.00
Peak Demand Charge per kW $6.74
Transmission Cost of Service per kW Charge/Credit per kW* ~$5.00
Base Power Cost per kWh Varies
Wholesale Energy Credit per kWh Real-time load zone price

Your monthly bill will be the sum of the above charges plus any applicable fees.

* Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, the Transmission Cost Of Service charge, per kW, will be determined using the member’s demand during the ERCOT Four (4) Coincident Peak (4CP) established in June, July, August, and September. The average of the member’s 4CP demand may be used as the billing determinant starting the following calendar year. For more information, see section 500.1.9.2 of the Tariff.

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New Solar Interconnection Rate FAQ

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