Professor Volt’s energy tips can keep you cool while you save

When the mercury in the thermometer climbs into the triple digits, we know how hard it can be to stay cool. Thankfully, Professor Volt is here with PEC to help you stay comfortable without putting a burden on your electric bill.

Keep the sun out

As the sun rises and hits your home, heat can enter through windows and cause your HVAC to work harder. To help reduce the heat, close blinds and drapes.

Use fans to feel a few degrees cooler

Fans are a great alternative to stay cool in the summer months and could help you save on your energy bill. Just remember to turn off the fan when leaving the room. Fans cool people, not spaces.

Cool your home overnight

You can help avoid a higher bill and keep your house comfortable by cooling it overnight and setting it to 78 degrees between the hours of 2-7 p.m.

Prepare no-cook meals for lunch

Using your oven and stove adds unnecessary heat to your home and makes it more difficult for your air conditioner to keep you cool.

When it’s hot and you’re hungry, try no-cook meals like sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Items like chips, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables can make for great sides.

Stay hydrated

Anytime you’re out in the heat for extended periods of time, cold water and sports drinks are the best option to combat dehydration. Try to avoid beverages like coffee, soda, and energy drinks. If you’re not drinking enough water and become dehydrated in the heat, you could experience serious heat-related illnesses.

Help out when it’s hot

If the temperature is extreme outside and you have neighbors who are elderly or disabled, lend a helping hand. You can invite them over to your home if they are experiencing an extended outage or bring them water if they seem exhausted by the heat. If they seem to be experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Be sure to let your neighbors who need extra assistance know about our Medical Necessity Program. If enrolled, we will attempt advanced notice to them before planned service interruptions; however, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service. Learn more at

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