Providing resources to his community

Rudolph Cathey offers food, clothes, shelter to those in need

Rudolph Cathey, one of our member relations field technicians in Canyon Lake, literally built his house in Spring Branch with his own two hands. He uses it to serve others by providing religious services and a sense of community.

“It’s an eight-room house with a chapel on the inside,” Cathey said.

At his home/ministry, which he has called 2050 Line Camp Chapel, he welcomes people who have migrated from other countries and offers them a space to live and be in a community together. In the chapel, he hosts services and family movie nights. He also operates a food pantry, where he donates food and clothing to those in need.

“It serves as a food pantry and a thrift store where people in the community who don’t have the money to buy clothes can get some,” he said.

About 80% of the people he helps at his chapel are PEC members he’s met on the job.

“I’ll go to their house initially for collections, and they couldn’t afford to pay their bills or buy food,” he said. “I give them a card for the church and talk to them about what they need, and the next thing you know, they’re over at the church.”

Cathey isn’t the only employee at PEC, or even in his own district, who enjoys giving back. And that community-driven spirit among his coworkers is a primary reason he enjoys where he works.

“A lot of people at this co-op are very family-oriented,” Cathey said. “People here just want to do the right thing.”

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