Keeping the bunnies safe

Audri Nelson volunteers at rabbit rescue in Pflugerville

Through her volunteer work with House Rabbit Resource Network (HRRN) in Pflugerville, Compliance Specialist Audri Nelson is focusing on a portion of her community we can all agree is important: fur babies. Since 2012, she has been providing food, hay, medication, and more for bunnies at HRRN. She also gets them ready for adoption and prepares future owners with the information they need.

Nelson’s love for rabbits began in 2002. While looking for her new pet, she fell in love with rabbits at first glance. When she found out that so many rabbits were sheltered for over a year, she felt a calling to step in and help. She’s been doing so since 2005 when she first volunteered for the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary in the DFW area.

On top of her shelter work, she takes special needs bunnies into her home. She also responds to questions from rabbit parents on the shelter’s adopter resource Facebook group.

“We have a network of core volunteers who give supportive advice and provide answers to people who may need encouragement or just want to know if they’re doing something right for the care of their pet rabbit,” she said.

Nelson says that, without PEC’s immense support, she wouldn’t have enough time to do this type of work she’s so passionate about.

“I am thankful that PEC allows me a wonderful work-life balance so that at the end of the workday, I can turn my personal focus toward my passion of volunteering my time to nurture these little animals and support people who also have an interest in them,” Nelson said.

Lastly, she gave thanks to PEC employees and their charitable donations through our United Charities program, which has supported HRRN annually for the past six years.

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