Winter is coming

Be prepared for cold weather

If you’ve been around long enough, you know summer isn’t the only season with the potential for extreme weather in Central Texas. PEC has worked hard preparing for winter’s arrival, and we want to help you do the same.

Prep your home

Taking steps to prepare your house now could save you from a major headache later. During a winter storm, many outages are caused by vegetation making contact with PEC’s equipment. PEC’s vegetation maintenance professionals work proactively year-round using high-tech software, focusing on trimming where it is needed most to help reduce outages when weather hits. Check the trees on your own property; if any branches are hanging over or at risk of falling into power lines or the service drop to your home, request free trimming from PEC online at or call us at 888-554-4732. Never trim trees near electrical equipment yourself!

Make sure your HVAC is ready for the hard job of heating your home. Have it serviced by a professional, and be sure to change your filter if it is dirty. You should also insulate exposed water lines and seal any air leaks. When temperatures drop below freezing, remember to drip your faucets.

Prepare your emergency kit

Have the following items together in case of an outage or emergency:

  • Charged devices/portable charger
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • An alternative heat source and/or firewood
  • Fuel for your vehicles and your generator
  • Batteries
  • Non-perishable food items and water
  • Your PEC account number

Know how to report an outage

PEC offers several convenient options for reporting your outage. If your mobile number is saved to your account, you can simply text “outage” to 25022. You can also report outages by calling 888-883-3379.

Generator safety

Having a generator on hand in case of an extended power outage is a convenient way to maintain access to electricity, but they also pose serious safety risks if not used properly. Exposure to generator exhaust can cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Install CO alarms and never use a generator indoors.

Connecting your generator to your home’s circuits? Interested in generator interconnection? Learn more here.

Keep in touch!

Keep your contact info up to date, and we’ll text you important communications, including emergency information and outage updates when available. Add your mobile number to SmartHub or call us at 888-554-4732 to add multiple mobile numbers.

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