Statement from Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Power restoration efforts continue

Pedernales Electric Cooperative crews continue working to repair poles and downed wires, and remove tree limbs. Though the ice is melting, this event is still ongoing and the damage across our service area is extensive. We are seeing an increased number of isolated outages that can take time to repair. Our crews are making progress, but due to the widespread damage, it is difficult to provide a system-wide restoration time. It is possible that outages could extend into the weekend.

“Where with Uri we saw snow and lack of generation on the system, this storm has brought significant impact to the infrastructure,” Eddie Dauterive PEC chief operations officer said. “We have had significant ice on the system, with the most recent batch of showers adding even more.”There have also been challenges with substations and equipment owned by LCRA, our transmission service provider. We are working closely with them to make the necessary repairs to bring members in the Spring Branch and Bulverde area back online.

PEC understands our members’ frustrations, and we are grateful for their continued patience and support of our lineworkers. Contract crews are being dispatched from across the state and are expected to begin providing support this evening. The cooperative is working all-hands-on-deck and around the clock to get the lights back on. “We are staging as many resources as possible,” Dauterive said. “These crews are also members, part of our communities with husbands, wives, children, and grandparents. They are working around the clock to bring power back and we won’t stop until every last member is up.”

While PEC continues to work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to all our members, it is important to have an extended outage plan in place.

Remember these important winter storm safety tips:

  • Call 911 immediately to report a downed line or call our emergency report line at: 888-883-3379.
  • Don’t use your stove or oven for heat. Gas stoves and ovens produce carbon monoxide, and electric ones pose a fire risk when not used as designed.
  • Don’t run your car in the garage as a way of warming up. Only run the car outside, and before you start it, make sure that the exhaust pipe is clear of snow and debris. Taking these steps could save you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Never run a generator closer than 20 feet from doors and windows to prevent fumes from entering the home.
  • If you see a downed line, move away from the line and anything touching it.

Please continue to visit regularly and follow us on social media and our media center for updates.

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